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               HOLYOKE PA'LANTE

We believe in Holyoke's future!

Holyoke Forward/ Holyoke Pa'lante is a political action committee dedicated to moving Holyoke forward to meet a rapidly changing world. 

Holyoke needs effective leadership. Holyoke Forward/Holyoke Pa’lante is excited to endorse this talented, experienced, and diverse slate of candidates who will work together to build a stronger future for our city.


More about the PAC

At-Large Councilors:

Patricia Devine

Mimi Panitch

Israel Rivera

Axel Fontanez

José Luis Maldonado Velez

Tessa Murphy-Romboletti

Ward Councilors:

W1: Jenny Rivera

W2: Jannelle Mojica

W3: Anne Thalheimer

W4: Kocayne Givner

W5: Guy O'Donnell

W6: Juan Anderson-Burgos

W7: Meg Magrath-Smith 

School Committee:

W4: Gloria Caballero-Roca

AL: Erin Brunelle

Get involved! We are currently looking for volunteers. Or, if you want to donate to help get the word out about the slate, here's a link to do that:

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