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Joshua Garcia

The city of Holyoke needs a mayor who can hit the ground running, and my professional experience makes me ideally suited for this moment. The issues facing our city are complex, and I’m ready to navigate the road ahead by working collaboratively with the City Council and Holyoke’s many municipal departments. We need to strengthen how we safeguard public funds, protect local assets, and meet the best standards of efficiency and service. Once we do that, we’ll be in a strong position to pursue a vision of the Holyoke we want.


I grew up in South Holyoke, raised by a heroic single mother. In many ways, I’m the product of every service resource available to my family: the Arco Iris program at Nueva Esperanza, the Holyoke Boys and Girls Club, the Holyoke Public Schools. I went on to get a Bachelor’s degree from Westfield State, and I eventually earned a postgraduate degree in Public Administration. My life has been about service, and, as a full-time public administrator, I understand how good governance and community development can transform people’s lives. I’ve served as Property Manager for the Holyoke Housing Authority, Municipal Services Project Manager for the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission’s Community Development Section, and, currently, I work as the Town Administrator for the Town of Blandford. In the three years since I arrived in Blandford, I have helped to reorganize and professionalize the financial departments, increasing efficiency and maximizing the town’s ability to make strategic investments in infrastructure, capital upgrades, and stabilization. We can make this kind of progress in Holyoke, and doing so will enable us to pursue the vision we share.


I envision a Holyoke that is a destination for families, businesses, and visitors; a Holyoke that has healthy neighborhoods, a safe and prosperous downtown with dining and retail options; a Holyoke where existing businesses and new businesses feel confident that Holyoke values their investment in the city; a Holyoke that prioritizes climate resilience and reduces our carbon footprint; a Holyoke that takes full advantage of our existing assets and has a place for all of us. I believe that together we can achieve more than any one person could ever do alone. I believe in communication, collaboration, and compromise. It is time to move beyond partisanship and build a stronger tomorrow, together.  Hear more about Joshua's plan for Holyoke at:

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